The Advantages of LED String Lights

Christmas lights are an important part of many family traditions. However, with the myriad dangers, fire risks, and replacement costs associated with traditional Christmas lights, some people are making the wise decision to use light-emitting diode string lights as an alternative. It is not a secret that using LED lighting best led projector christmas lights has benefits, but very few families know what the real differences are and they doubt their decision to change once they see the price of these new products. For those who are considering a change this holiday season, here are the advantages of using LED lights;

Extremely energy efficient:

Possibly the most important point to consider when comparing traditional lights and LED string lights is the energy that is saved. These new bulbs consume a tenth of the power of normal bulbs and are a more energy efficient option as a result. This decrease in power does not mean that they are not as bright or shiny, it simply means that less energy is used to power them. Therefore, savings for you on the utility bill.
A long and colorful life:

Another difference between LED bulbs and their incandescent counterparts is that they don’t fade or lose their color over time. One of the most common complaints related to traditional lights is that after a few harsh seasons, the paint applied to your exterior will peel or fade. Due to the fact that many LED string lights are made of hard plastic, the color is permanent and will not change from year to year. No more hot bulbs:

In addition to being brighter, the lighter and more durable LED string lights are also safer. Because the bulbs get cold and do not produce heat even when they are on for a long period of time. This means that they will not present the same fire or burn hazard as other traditional ropes if left in place for too long. Making the decision to switch from incandescent to LED string lights will not only mean a more colorful holiday season, but also worry-free.